Wonder Dewi Mask by Wonderlab - Wonder Kit 14 DAYS
Product Code: wk 02

WonderDewi sheet masks developed using Korea's latest formula.

Featuring 4 different mask types. Perfect for every skin type.

????Dewi Hydro

????Dewi Bright

????Dewi Repair

????Dewi Soothe

Main Ingredients)

????Dewi Hydro (moist 7-complex)

-Boost skin moisture & elasticity

-Long-lasting hydration

-Strengthen skin barier against the risk of skin peeling.

????Dewi Repair (Natto Gum)

-Increase collagen synthesis

-Anti Oxidant effect 

-Prevent elastin decomposition

????Dewi Bright (Pearl Extract)

-Brighten & shine skin

-Improve uneven skin tone

-Replenish & nourish tired skin

????Dewi Soothe (Pink Aloe)

-Helps prevent heat aging

-Remove excess heat from skin to soothe & stabilize the skin.

-Protect against irritation. 

These masks are sold in set and loose (Hydro only). which are :

7-day Wonder Kit with 

4pcs Hydro + 1pcs Soothe + 1pcs Repair + 1pcs Bright = TOTAL 7pcs mask 

14-day Wonder Kit with 

10pcs Hydro + 2pcs Soothe + 1pcs Repair + 1pcs Bright = TOTAL 14pcs masks

????28-day Wonder Kit with 

20pcs Hydro + 3pcss Soothe + 3pcs Repair + 2pcs Bright = TOTAL 28pcs masks


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