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Locally manufactured in a clean room and uses new Super Absorbent Polymer Technology ( SAP ), Bb Diapers is Malaysia first diapers with 100% SAP core. we promise a revolutionary and reliable product. Introducing Bb Diapers Premium Diapers: Super Thin - more breathable and lighter weight, so the baby can move around more freely Super Absorption - Using world-leading technology of 100% SAP core to allow more and faster absorption Super Dry - Decrease the possibility of nappy rash and the baby will feel comfortably dry all day long Super Comfortable - Using world-leading raw materials to provide a softer surface for the baby’s delicate skin Super Fit – Great fitting design to allow your baby to move freely as they like without any worry of leaking! What does it mean? SAP, or superabsorbent polymer is the essence of a diaper. It is the CORE ingredient that soak up and trap fluid, preventing fluid from being squeezed out and back onto baby's skin. What does it mean for YOU? Value for money. It has been rigorously tested everywhere around the world, including US, and conclusions repeatedly state that SAP is ✔️completely safe and non-toxic✔️. Using 100% SAP as the absorbent core means that our diapers are free from other absorbent materials that are often mixed with SAP to reduce manufacturing cost. What does it mean for YOUR baby? Using 100% SAP as the absorbent core, we are able to create a diaper that has Super Absorption and is Super Dry for your baby. With the aid of R&D department, we are able to make the design Super Thin and Super Fit. Together, it means MAXIMUM COMFORT for your baby. Bb Diapers has 4 sizes available for your babies. S 54pcs (4 - 8kg) M 48pcs (6 - 11kg) L 44pcs (9 - 14kg) XL 40pcs (12 - 17kg)

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