Baby Head Protector Pillow
Product Code: BS 03

  • Baby Head Protection Pad
  • Baby Headrest Pillow
  • Baby Toddler Helmet
  • Baby Cushion Protector
  • Drop Resistance Cushion
  • Baby Anti Roll Cushion
  • Soft Cotton Cushion Pillow
  • Baby Walking Head Guard
  • Angel Wings resistance Cushion Pillow Baby Head Protection Pad
  • Head Protective pillow: strap in line with the baby physique design, comfortable without feeling tight contact with the baby's head without a word, the baby easy to accept, effectively alleviate the impact force to protect the baby's head fell back when,
  • Carefully clean corner treatment is not deformed more durable. Size can be adjusted using the + soft stretchable material, cushioning the impact of the fall, the effective protection of the baby's head and back
  • (Early childhood development at the time, the head of the weight of large, autonomous and independent until unable to walk, easy to fall in order to protect the baby's head is selected essential)
  • Reluctant to bring the baby with hat does not resist, travel, travel, when in need of care with ease

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