Wrap Conversion Hannah Ring Sling Size M
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Hannah is the name given to Baby Ultra's first woven wrap. 

Hannah is made of 100% organic cotton and is excellent for baby's smooth, sensitive skin.

Wrap Conversion Ring Slings (WCRS) basicly means a ringsling that is made out of woven wrap fabric. WCRS is perfect for babywearing as they offer good support, comfortable and molds to the body very well. It is suitable from newborn till toddlerhood.

Hannah  WCRS comes in 3 different sizes:

Size S: 1.8m (long taper), 1.5m (short taper)

Size M: 2.0m (long taper), 1.7m (short taper)

Size L: 2.2m (long taper), 1.9m (short taper)

*width is 70cm for all WCRS

The horizontal stripes consist of 4 vibrant colours- pink, blue, purple and white, and it comes in two different wefts- white and pink.

It is a medium thickness wrap at 240gsm.

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