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  • Dear Esteemed Partners,

    Due to overwhelming response worldwide and also nationwide, we are officially out of stock for Freemie Collection Cups. The production and manufacturing team in the USA have came up with a brand new and improved model of the Freemie Collection Cups, which comes with a whole lot of improvements on the cups, and we in Malaysia will be the first market to receive these new cups!
    There are a few improvements on the new cups, which will be very beneficial for all
    mothers :

    1) The new Freemie cups will come with transparent cups instead of translucent cups,so that mothers can see directly into the cups while pumping to see the amount of milk collected.

    2) The Freemie logo, funnel sizes and milk measurements in Ounces will be engraved into the cups!

    3) All Freemie cups will come with 2 backflow protectors and all the accessories needed to pump with all brands of breast pumps.

  • Pump with your shirt on, in more places than ever before, hands free!
  • Pump and bond with your baby at the same time
  • Compatible with single or double pumping
  • Each cup holds up to 8 ounces of milk, and is used in place of the old horns and bottles that came with your pump

Content Include

-2x  Freemie Milk Collection Cups (8oz capacity each)

-2x  25mm funnels

-2x 28mm funnels

-2x backflow prevention kit

-2x tubing

-Standard Connection Kit

-Instruction manual.

*Pump not included

How to use Freemie

Freemie is a breast milk collection system which is fully concealable and allows mothers to pump while multitasking without being noticed! The differences between Freemie and other hands-free bras are shown in the video here:

The diagram below shows how to use Freemie:

Freemie pumponthego handsfree cup collection accessories kit manual instructions assembly

  • Freemie pumponthego breast pump handsfree medela avent spectra murah

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