Sale Halford Double Breast Pump
RM529.00 RM359.00
Product Code: BP 081


Halford double electric breastpump

Pump unique functions :
1) The real double pump comes with 2 discrete motors up to maximum 40KPA
2) 4 options of suction function : Left-Right-Duo-Cross suction - Cross suction is designed in accordance to human ergonomic
3) Optimal suction strength built in to faciliate for milk expression comfortably without pain.
4) Pumping rhythm mimic baby suction.
5) 9 levels of suction control
6) Operating in 2 phases : Stimulation & Expression
6) Compact and portable.
7) Silent operation
8) 2 years warranty
9) Free power bank and USB Cable

Add on Package Combo Set (+RM 50)

1 x Vcool Cooler bag
1 x Ice Brick
4 x Storage Bottles
4pcs x Disposable breastpad

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