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Tanamera Baby Full Body Massage Oil + Organic VC0 (100ml)

Let your baby experience your touch with Tanamera Kidz Baby Full Body Massage Oil + Organic Virgin C..


Tanamera Baby Spot Massage Oil + Organic VCO -50ml

A massage a day with Tanamera Kidz Baby Spot Massage Oils + Organic Virgin Coconut Oil keeps the col..


TANAMERA Black Formulation Facial Soap

These herbs help to combat skin problems such as Acne and problems associated with oily skin. It is ..


TANAMERA Brown Formulation Body Soap (125g)

A combination of herbs and grains with grainy surface. Contains traditional herbs such as tumeric, w..


TANAMERA Clarifying Hibiscus Body Soap (100g)

Tanamera Clarifying Hibiscus body soap is a natural formulation designed to brighten skin and give y..


Tanamera Kidz Body Moisturizer

Tanamera Kidz Body Moisturizer is a non-greasy and quick absorbing formulation with Organic Virgin C..


TANAMERA Lavender Floral Water (70ml)

The scent of lavender is known for its relaxing properties for children and adults. Natural lavender..


TANAMERA Oil – Basil Massage Oil (100ml )

Tanamera Basil massage oil is a good tonic for the treatment of nervous orders and stress related he..


TANAMERA Oil – Ginger Blend Massage Oil (100ml )

A blend of oils targeted to relieve muscle and abdominal cramps, reducing inflammation, and help wit..


TANAMERA Oil – Herbal Massage oil (100ml)

Specially concocted massage oil that is painstakingly boiled with herbs that contain these propertie..


TANAMERA Oil – Virgin Coconut Oil VCO (100ml)

Beautifully extracted using a traditional method that promises the highest quality oil which retains..


Tanamera Shampoo + Body Wash -200ml

Sulfate, a common ingredient in carpet cleaning products is not suitable for any skin, more so your ..


TANAMERA – Feminine Herbal Wash ( 10gm x 12's )

A mixture of aromatic herbs high in essential oils to revialtalize and deodorize the genital area.Ca..


TANAMERA – Green Formulation Body Soap (100g)

Besides helping to combat body odor and exfoliate dead skin cells, regular use of this soap will als..


TANAMERA- Toning Green Coffee Body Soap (100g)

Tanamera Toning Green Coffee soap is especially formulated to help tone loose and flabby skin, reduc..