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Lacte - Silicone Breast Shield 1pc

Lacte silicone breast shield (soft) (1pc)..


Lacte / Malish Ilaria / Mango / Evelove Sassy - Valve Body with Membrane

Can be used with : Lacte Duet/Duet Elite Breastpump Lacte Solo/Solo Elite Breastpump Malish Il..


Lacte / Malish Ilaria / Mango / Evelove Sassy - Diaphragm

Diaphragm to be placed into main breast shield body and follow by the cap onto it. Can be used with ..


Lacte Cap Plug 1pc

Lacte Duet cap plug only (without the cap) (1pc)Cap plug need to be installed into cap for cove..



Lacte Duet Double Electric Breast Pump

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION :New double electric pump suitable for home and office use.A real duo with 2 dis..

RM539.00 RM450.00


Lacte Duet Elite Rechargeable Breastpump

Lacte Duet Elite Electric Breastpump – THE REAL DUET RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC BREAST PUMPNew double rec..

RM679.00 RM565.00


Lacte Duet Omnia Rechargeable Electric B/pump

Features Lacté Duet Omnia Rechargeable Electric Breastpump - Unrivalled features at its price p..

RM529.00 RM449.00

Lacte Soft Breast Shield Expression Collection Kit ( 1set)

Lacte soft breast shield expression collection kit Bottles not included 1 setLacte valve h..



Lacte Solo Electric Breastpump

New single electric pump suitable for home and office use. Unique soft breast shield design, reac..

RM275.00 RM233.00


Lacte/Malish Ilaria/Mango/Evelove Sassy - Silicon Tube with Connector

Silicon tube complete with connector 1 setTubing cleaning instructions: - Wipe the outside..

RM23.90 RM21.20

Lacte/Malish Ilaria/Mango/Evelove SassyCap With Plug (1pcs)

Cap with plug for cover the diaphragm and the main breast shield body. ..